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Based in Dundee this company is a leading developer of equipment for the world Oil & Gas market. They are currently looking for a QC Inspector to join their ranks and bring a high level of attention to detail to the role.


Role Summary


Provide the Quality Control Inspection and the Quality Control Records necessary for all Equipment and Material Manufactured by or Supplied to the business.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Achieve and maintain competence in the use of all the company’s manual dimensional inspection equipment, including but not limited to micrometres, Vernier callipers, drop gauges, slips, pin gauges, ring and plug gauges.
  • Achieve and maintain competence in the use of the company’s Co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs)
  • Achieve and maintain competence in the use of the company’s surface measurement equipment.
  • Achieve and maintain competence in the use of the company’s calibration equipment.
  • Where required, assist manufacture to enable them to conduct effective in-process inspection.
  • Where required, carry out the effective cleaning of parts presented for inspection, prior to any inspection.
  • Following defined sampling criteria, carry out final dimensional inspection and gauging of components to the parameters defined within the manufacturing or inspection documents provided.
  • Review manufacturing’s in-process inspection records and generate final quality inspection records as evidence of product compliance.
  • Achieve and maintain competence in the inspection of products received via purchase order. This inspection shall include but is not limited to: sub-contract machined parts or operations; proprietary parts, raw material & processes such as surface treatment; welding and painting. If in doubt liaise with your supervisor to ensure that you carry out these activities only to defined specifications or written standard operating procedures to ensure any gaps in your knowledge does not prevent you inadvertently accepting or rejecting a purchased part in error.
  • Where required, carry out all the above activities with the customer’s inspector or representative present in a constructive, courteous and professional manner, whilst maintaining previously agreed commitments to your supervisor and colleagues.
  • Where product is identified as non-conforming, follow non-conformance procedures closely to ensure product identified are not unintentionally used or delivered. Until formally rejected, all non-conforming product shall be quarantined until the item is either authorised for use and released; sent for rework; or scrapped. QC shall work positively and constructively with all stakeholders to ensure items identified as non-conforming are resolved as quickly as possible. All non-conforming product shall be viewed as recoverable until advised otherwise by NCR.
  • Be actively involved in both continuous process improvement and management of change but obtain approval from your supervisor or manager before formulating new or revised methods into standard inspection tools for publishing via QA into departmental systems and procedures.
  • With the approval of your supervisor and manager, provide training of quality personnel in the correct application of all relevant quality standards, methods and procedures within your field of competence.
  • Provide quality support to all members of the quality department within your field of competence.
  • Work within the departmental systems in accordance with company procedures, ISO9001 quality requirements and legislative demands.
  • Provide immediate feedback to your supervisor or manager on any resource, training, personal or academic limitations that would prevent you achieving your targets and responsibilities.
  • Attend and participate in activities out with the quality department that are identified by your manager or supervisor as being necessary to enable you to fulfil your responsibilities to the company. This can include meetings, training activities, presentations, site visits and audits.
  • In conjunction with your supervisor, monitor your performance to committed goals, to enable effective system review and process change to drive through continuous efficiency improvement.
  • Where required, a reasonable level of overtime hours should be worked to prevent slippage to committed goals.
  • Ensure you are aware of the responsibilities both legally and ethically your decisions have on those impacted upon by your work and sign off of other’s work.
  • Ensure you conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner at all times.
  • Follow your certifying body’s professional code of conduct and operate in accordance with the terms of your employment as laid down in the company handbook.


Experience Requirements:


  • Experience with ISO9001 of API Q1 requirements as they pertain to quality and quality control systems.
  • Sound knowledge and experience in component, process and quality record inspection.


Education Requirements:


  • Formal Engineering Apprenticeship.
  • Experience of product inspection in a manufacturing company.


Renumeration and Shifts


  • Salary £28K + shift allowance
  • Dayshift – Monday -Thursday 8am to 5pm & Friday 8am to1pm
  • Nightshift – Monday -Thursday 9.30pm to 8am

4-week shift pattern

To apply for this job email your details to grant.mcinroy@kbmresourcing.com.

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